Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Belif First Aid Anti-hangover Soothing Mask

Hi babes,

I am in love with belif, and lately they re-assuring me to keep being in love with their stuffs.

Details from http://global.belifcosmetic.com

Product Description

A fresh, clear, gel soothing mask that calms and relieves sensitive and stressed skin. Formulated with Chamomile that has a powerful calming effect and Xylitol soothing capsules that prevent skin troubles.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To Use

When your skin needs soothing, gently apply to the entire face after skin toner. Keep the mask in the refrigerator for about five minutes for an extra cooling sensation, which will calm your tired skin and reduce facial swelling in the evening or the next morning after a night out.

I know for sure I'm hooked just by reading on the details. Being a mom and beauty blogger plus a full time housewife means, sleeping is indeed one of life's greatest treasure that often so damn difficult to get. Waking up so early in the morning while spending the night before writing is just my normal activity. Events and go-to's is like adding more to-do's in my routine which in the beginning already so full. If my chores has a checklist, it is endless . . . literally.

So, I need this thing, I need this mask badly and it never hurt that they come in the most skin friendliest possible. Simple, pure and delightful.

Those tiny dots are not blurs, it was the white dots mentioned in the details as xylitol soothing capsules. The gel? Those clear cooling gel is temptations, if they have one in a bathtub size, I'm definitely going in.

Always put this mask inside the fridge and get that invigorating icy cold gel that's not just anti-hangover but waking you up in an instant. Like a cold compress. Imagine a hot lazy day when people feels so un-energized due to the heat. This mask will make everyone says, "Hello, I'm ready!"

I'm using it on a cleaned tones face. Best to be used on an exhausted face and see the amazing instant result.

The gel is super cool and feels so good on the skin. I love the calming herbal scent.

As I applied generally and making sure all the parts get some action, the xylitol is bursting and disappearing. Waiting 10-15 minutes is meaningless, the mask is super comfortable 30 minutes usually flies away in a zippy.

The gel will dries up and a bit sticky, I usually rinse them off with water (room temp). And the result?

A perkier skin. Literally. I can feel a pull outwardly and it gives my skin  . . . perk-effect. Firm and away from those hangover/lose sleep/exhausted and tiredness. I can feel the skin getting tighter and it looks tighter too. This is wonderful. I understand why they are called Anti-hangover soothing mask, for it's soothing abilities, comforting and wake the skin up to be ready for the day.

Must try and must have as well!

The mask can be used in the morning to wake you up. At day time when the sun is scorching hot and be cool. In the afternoon when you want to relax and take a nap, then waking up with a very energetic skin. At night before a date or a romantic night and you don't want to be looked like crap exhausted. This mask is amazing and how or when or who you want to use it by/with is just a matter of creativity and everything is possible. Love 'em!

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