Monday, January 14, 2013

Belif Sugar-Coat Lip Balm and Sebum Control Mist Green

Hi everyone!

Yes, another belif's products are newly available in the counter and they are like gems to me. They have so many irresistible items for a skin lover like me.

Today I'm going to deliver some of the new items which easily noticeable and interesting.

The Sebum Control Mist Green and Sugar Coat Lip Balm

Sebum Control Mist Green

Product Description

Sebum control mist green gives immediate moisture and controls excess oil with its sebum control herb complex. The mist stops grease and controls oily skin.

No addition of

No mineral oil, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, no synthetic preservatives, no animal-derived ingredients

To Use

Close your eyes and spray three or four times from about 20cm distance from your face. Apply regularly and provide moisture while preventing oily grease and sebum. The mist reduces facial oil and helps your makeup.

The light mist is comfortable to be use compared with other sebum control mist I've used before.

No residue, no white talc, no white powdery effect, no fuss and doesn't make the condition worst (like some other product that actually causes the skin to produce more oil). The clear mist feels like plain water but help to set the makeup and reduce the appearance of sebum. The skin feels softer and smooth.

I wish they come in a smaller bottle for traveling or just put it inside a small bag so I can keep reapplying after 4 hours or so (depends on the skin condition and activity).

Sugar Coat Lip Balm

Product Description

Lip balm treatment that leaves the lips healthy and hydrated so that they look silky and glossy as if they were sugar-glazed. Rich with hydrating and smoothing elements, it seals in moisture and protects the lips from the environment. It is formulated with the herbal ingredient Stellaria (Chickweed), effective for hydrating and preventing skin troubles, particularly the delicate skin of the lips which are often prone to dryness.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To Use

Take a sufficient amount, spread smoothly over the lips and dab lightly for better absorption.

A simple lip balm that works!

Clear, soft, balmy, and gives the lip a moisturizing effect with less greasy feeling. The lips will heal and the chaps will go away. I use it after a lipstick for a more delicate and less boldness. May be use on a naked lips as well. But I prefer the balm to come in a tube form for hygienic reason.

Use it on a very dry skin too such as knees and elbows.

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