Friday, January 11, 2013

SilkyGirl Fragrance (Sugar, and Ice for Men)

Hello everyone!!

I'm back with SilkyGirl and they also carries some fragrances. I have two, one for men and one for me.

Both fragrance are light and last for around 2 hours max.

A 'man' scent :D fresh, a bit citrus, woody and musk. I like the Ice better than Sugar. It add more freshness to the body. Reminds me a bit of Eternity (for men) and the consistency of the scent is quite okay. But both offer a 'common' scents.

The packaging are cute (both Ice and Sugar), simple but a bit unfocused heehee. I think an Ice should be in blue or white and Sugar should shape more like ... sugar or candy. 

Smells really sweet, like a candy, pink candy ^__^ but after around 10-15 minutes it will lose it's characteristic and smells like any other cologne or 'cheap' body splash out there. So I'm really not a fan of this one.


both products are fun, easy on the nose and brings out that familiar scent. Last for 1-2 hours and not heavy (at all). Suitable for those looking for a light fragrance which they can carry in their bag. Friendly on the wallet and suitable for the young.

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