Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SK-II StemPower Moisturizer

Hello lovelies,

this particular item start available since last year, and after trying the product for some time, here's my review regarding SK-II Stem Power Moisturizer.

1 jar of a 50 gr of luxurious moisturizer is in my hand. The tube is red, daring red, like Christmas red ^__^

Inside? A white creamy moisturizer.

Details from www.sk-ii.com.sg

I use it around this much every single time. So far, I've been using the moisturizer with other brand as well as with other SK-II items. Indeed when used with other SK-II products they will work well as a synchronized system However, I found the moisturizer to be pretty friendly to be used with other brands and range as well.

The cream have a faint smell of yeast, very faint, I found the FTE to be much stronger for the nose. The cream is easy to be used and on the skin feels soft and smooth too. A bit rich but doesn't cause my skin to look oily nor feel oily. Easily absorbed and feels light on the skin.

My pores do seems to be less visible and the overall skin looks firmer too. The moisturizer calms the skin with hydration and gives bouncy effect as well. A must try item for everyone who want some firming action on their skin. Best to be used with other products from SK-II.

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