Friday, January 18, 2013

Nivea Lip Balms (Fruity Shine Cherry, Pinkish Boost 3 in 1, Med Protection, and Vitamin Shake)

Helloooooooo ^0^

These items are friends to the lips and frankly I'm not really using lip balms, since if left too long it might cause the lips to chapped as well. So usually I used them during traveling to a dry climate.

However, now Nivea has come with more variant that can be use daily and heeheehee so juicy that encourage me to use them daily or at least more often than before.

Here they are, some I already share on my previous post (HERE) but none given for the look on the lips . . . until now ^__^

I like to bring the med protection during traveling, especially on a long haul flight, winter wonderland or other extreme condition. The SPF 15 is protection against the sun, the hydration is smooth and away from greasy nor oiliness. Smooth sailing all the way with no scent, no taste, no color, and  . . . let's just say plain lip balm packed with protection to the lips. Like condom to your lips.

I like to use the fruity shine cherry when I want a touch of red and replacing the lipstick. Add a bit shine, balm-ish, smell like cherry, and repeated swipe will increase the redness level. I always use it alone without lipstick while other lip balm here used on top/before a lipstick. 

I like to use vitamin shake when I need something fruity and smells good. It perk my mood up and bring more vitality with the juicy feature. This one is a fun lip balm for the whole family. Packed with vitamins such as C, E and B5, yums!

Now, the pinkish boost.

I like pinkish boost when I need an ultra luscious lips and feeling seductive, oh wow, where should I begin with this one, from looking at the bright milky pink creamy liquid I knew it was something that add 'boost' on the lips. From the shine, silky feeling and oh la la, romantic date? Here I come!

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