Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink 02

Hi everyone!!!

Last week, I've done a cosmetic haul in Multiply and getting some items that are unavailable in the neighborhood or I just haven't try it before.

This item is in the world of 'haven't try it before'.

It's Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink lip tint in 02.


I've been using a lot of lip tint from a whole lotta other brand out there and usually they all gives me the same result, a subtle soft reddish ink on the lip and cheeks. Yes, most lip tint I've tried is a lip and cheek stain. Where the ink is transparent and usually 'absorbed' into the skin, leaving just a hint of the color. But not Cat Chu Wink.

Where did I get it from?

I get it HERE.
And here's me using it.

The tint is bolder, creamier and not as transparent as other brand. In fact, very vivid, like a liquid lipstick. If I use it like recommended (some dots and smear it) it will be a soft reddish look, kinda like when drinking red fanta drink. And the result of a recommended usage will be just like other lip tint I've used. But what makes the difference is that Cat Chu Wink can make a far more than just other lip tint. Please refer to the image below.


A very bold result. One swipe (not dots) is all it takes for this full bloomed red lips. The effect last very long too and not as dry as other lip tint. It was still far lighter than lipstick, so if you're looking for a bold colored lips with a feeling of using a lip tint, try this one. I don't use a lip gloss or lip balm afterwards since I like this semi matte look.

Overall, a nice creamy tint that gives the lips (and cheeks) a red look from the mildest to the boldest possible. from dots to swipes, the Cat Chu Wink 02 is wonderful and easy to be used (just don't lick on the ink, it may smells cherry fruity, but taste like ... ink).

Stay tune, as I will share all my cosmetic hauls from

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  1. This lip colour looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you!! May I know what the difference is between the Tony Tint & the Cat Chu Wink lip tint, if you've tried them both?..
    Also, what blusher are you wearing in these pictures??.. It's so pretty! =)

  2. Hi Grenoille,

    I think Tony Tint and the Cat Chu is from the same brand just different packaging wink wink as in, refurbish but still almost the same thing inside ^^

    Blusher? It's the lip tint ^^ dab it on the upper area of the cheeks and blend it in. Add some face powder to reduce the intensity and give matte finish.