Thursday, January 17, 2013

Biotherm Force Supreme Serum

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This item is for men and men only. Biotherm Homme has prepare this one item made specially for men against aging and giving result in a way that I rarely see in other brand/product.

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A powerful concentrate targeted to rebuild the appearance of skin that has been damaged over time.


My husband is around 35 now and his face start showing the effect of aging such as large pores, sagging skin, and lines. His skin type is oily and acne prone. For me, I find the sagging to be the main problem, I want his skin to appears younger and firmer. So when Biotherm Homme offer us this product I'm so happy and encourage him to try it on.

The serum is light in a texture of a cloudy gel. The fragrance is strong (signature of Biotherm, they also have a department specially made for scents) and manly. The product is amazing. It gives the skin an immediate effect of firming, the skin become tighter and the pores are less visible. Due to the tightened of the pores the skin looks brighter and smoother too. Lines? For deep lines I can't seem to see immediate result but for the finer lines they are diminishing. Of course this product is not a magic medicine, it need to be used daily for a significant result that last longer.

Use it within the range (lotion and gel) for a more fulfilling force.

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