Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shu Uemura Whitefficient Whitening Emulsion/Essence

Hi everyone,

a short introduction on whitefficient, a product from shu uemura's family for brighter, clearer and later on, fairer skin.


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advanced bio-science whitening based on intelligence of nature
each skin cell is "purely bright" when it's just "born"
inspired by bright secret of the new cells, with over 40 years of extensive research and expertise on Asian women's skin, shu uemura research center in Tokyo has developed a brand new whitening approach focused on mitochondria, the energy factory of the skin, and combined it with powerful whitening actives for healthy, plumped, illuminating skin.

formulated with the 1st Mito-White Complex and Whitening Actives, whitefficient*1 is designed not only to limit*2 melanin production and transfer, but also to help boost*2 the creation of the brighter newborn skin cells by improving*2 the metabolism of epidermal cells and protecting*1 mitochondria against oxidative stress caused by UV for visibly illuminating skin in 7 days and less visible spots in 4 weeks*3.

*1 in vitro tests
*2 intense whitening essence
*3 consumer test on 50 Asian women, using the product twice a day for 8 weeks
*4 instrumental evaluation for melanin content. consumer test on 50 Asian women using the product twice a day for 8 weeks


The texture is light and delightful, I love the faint musky floral scent which is actually common in lotions. The skin react to the emulsion/essence quite fast, giving the skin a light hydrating effect and healthier look. Not sticky, a moisturizer may be used on top of it or when the day is super humid, use it instead of moisturizer (told by a representative from shu uemura in Seibu's branch).

The emulsion/essence doesn't cause skin irritation, allergy, or any kind of discomfort on my skin.

Like any brightening products please do use a sun protection during the day to help protecting the skin from sun rays.

I'll need more time in accessing the product for it's overall benefits, for now, that's all ^__^


  1. hei thankyou for the review i need more shu uemura brand review, because not many people are posting review shu uemura brand.....

    i just want to know, what's the difference type of "Shu uemura White Recovery activating whitening cream" with "Shu Uemura Whitefficient Whitening?"
    or all just the same?
    just wondering...:)

  2. Hi Inggrid,

    Perhaps you can get a satisfying answer directly from Shu Uemura. They are available on facebook and twitter too ^^

    For me personally, some of the names can be different across different countries, but to be sured, Shu Uemura's team should reply on that ^^

  3. Hai.... I'm from Indonesia,, I wanna ask you,, could you tell me how many the shu uemura whitefficient whitening cream you bought? how many if that in ruphias? hehe
    and where is you buy it? sorry,,, and thanks very much

  4. Hi Anon,

    mine was provided by shu uemura, you should check out more at their counter respectfully.

    Thank you.