Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kiehl's BB Cream in Light and Daily UV Defense

Dear all,

today let me share with you some of leading products out there which provide sun protection to the skin and in the same time beautifying.

Most BB Cream on the market is plain makeup, which doesn't have skincare properties beneficial for the skin. Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB cream have benefits just like skincare does.


Just like their Ultra Light Daily UV Defense the BB Cream is packed with SPF 50 PA +++ but now, even better.

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Instant perfection with lasting correction, I love their tag line. And what's in it that ade the BB Cream becomes a lasting correction?

Yes, the vit C inside the product that gives the lasting correction effect of improving discolorations and imperfection, minimizes the appearances of pores and the sun screen gives SPF 50/PA +++ UV Protection which inhibit the future discoloration and uneven skin tone.


These are both of the items, the white cream is Ultra Light Daily UV Defense and the tinted one is BB Cream. Both looks glossy and the feeling is soft to the touch.


I use it on a cleansed skin with toner, serum and moisturizer too. I use both just to show the colors, but both works well together or just alone. I prefer the BB Cream since it was tinted and provide vitamin C for caring the skin even better.


This is the instant effect of the BB cream, an even skin tone and glowing radiant skin. It hides some imperfection in a natural way without looking like makeup. After the BB Cream makeup may be added like foundation, concealers, powders, etc.

I love how I can use the BB Cream daily as it will help the skin to get better complexion, less lines, and finer pores as well.


This is my look after full makeup. The BB Cream does help so I don't have to use much makeup than before. A simple BB Cream with loose powder also will do for that natural daily look.

Still curious about Kiehl's BB Cream?

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  1. your face look so it...:)can you share how your daily skin care?

  2. Hi Wei,

    wow, thank you :)

    A very good cleanser, and never skin toner, pre-serum, serum, and moisturizer daily. Separate the night and day cream, look at the skin and see what they need at the moment, so yes, it means I have a lot of skincare series at home.

    And always keep the skin protected from the sun, pollution, etc