Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Za Eyes Groovy in White Illuminator

Hi everyone,

Eyes Groovy from Za is considered a new item in the market, mine is in 02 which is White Illuminator.

I choose this shade since I want a look which can be use daily that enhance the eyes without being too much, the shade may be used as a highlighters as well.


Details from
Express yourself with six carefully matched colors! Brilliant Powder Complex creates sheer, bright colors. Special formula enables colors to spread smoothly and apply to eyelids evenly. Colors won't smudge over time.


The shade are somewhat like a pink, light green, pearl white and sparkling black.


Behind the packaging a simple guidance is given but you may use anyway you please. I found all of their texture to be super fine, except for the sparkling black, a bit rougher.


From the swipes all of their texture can be seen which 1,2, and 3, like a very fine powder and 4 to be a lot more pigmented and to the touch like this small tiny dust. I use No.3 as a highlighter as well and sometime No.1 to add a bit of rosiness on the cheek after blush on. No.2 may be used to hide red marks on the skin like from irritations, acne, or other 'red' thingy =^__^=

Cleansing wise, they are pretty easy to be cleaned, use any makeup remover or a simple foaming facial wash will do (when used without primer).

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