Friday, March 8, 2013

Za Wonder Shaper

Hi everyone,

this particular item is called Wonder Shaper, a product from Za for the body. I know this item like years and years ago, I think it has been around for more than 10 years.


Wonder Shaper is a light green gel with a light green bottle. It is made to help shape the body as there are ingredients inside it that help promoting blood circulation around the skin, so the skin become firmer and the shape become better, slimmer and fitter.


I've used it before and thrilled to see they still got it. The formula gives my skin a refreshing sensation, there are a lot of  'slimming' gel nowadays in the market with chili in it. Capsaicin known to help burn fat, but the ones I've tried 'burn' my skin alright and redness appeared as the gel is really really hot on the skin and feel so uncomfortable. I would go down in cold sweats and well, sweats due to that. The worst part is I can't touch anyone nor let my skin touch others as the 'burning' feeling will get to them as well.

So in terms of comfort and friendliness, I opt to Wonder Shaper as it feels so good on the skin, smells fruity and minty at the same time (no yucky smell whatsoever like other brand) and on the skin, it gives this wonderful tingling sensation and far away from burning.


I always use it after shower when the skin is still a bit damp and on areas such as tummy, thighs and sagging upper arm.

You can read the ingredients on the image above, I've tried to find the details on the web but perhaps it has been discontinued or maybe just for sale in certain area. I still saw one during the Beauty Event.


What I like about Wonder Shaper is not just the wonderful scent but the ability to quickly absorbed by skin, there's no leftover on the skin, no greasy, oily or stickiness. I also feel an immediate softening effect on the skin. I can't see what happen inside the skin but I like what I see outside.

I don't recall the weight loss but I do noticed firmer looking skin with less problem such as cellulite.


it is a light weight light green gel with refreshing scent and sensation on the skin, which make the skin feels so soft, energized and comfortable in the same time. I love the cooling minty feeling and again, the aroma to be very interesting and delightful. Help improves the condition of the skin to be firmer, smoother, softer, less bumps due to undistributed fat (such as cellulite), and help tones the appearances as well.


  1. Hi, good day to u. May I know that where can I buy this product? (Za Wonder Shaper Body Shaping Essence) I unable find this product in Sabah market.

  2. Good day to u. May I know that where can I get this product? (Za Wonder Shaper Body Shaping Essence) I really unable find this product from Sabah market

  3. Hi Felicia

    try google it down, I really dont know how to get it at your location, same goes if I ask you how to get it at my hometown, not fair right, like how are you supposed to know?! Same with me, I don't live where you are.

    Try contacting the company,contact ZA directly since they are the one who are selling :)