Thursday, March 14, 2013

Belif First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask

 Hello everyone!!!

It's Belif time! I'm still reviewing their mask, which all begins with First Aid as the mask are the concentrated formula and gives instant result for me.


Details from
First Aid – Overnight Brightening Mask

Formulated with black truffle, one of the world�s finest delicacies, along with amber, pearl, and gold powder capsules, and completed with Napiers white formula, this overnight brightening mask brings transparency and radiance to skin while you sleep.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Triethanolamine.

To Use

After toning, gently apply a thin layer to face avoiding the eye and mouth area. Leave it on overnight and wash off with water or foaming cleanser the next morning.

I'm a big fan of overnight mask, some does works well, some doesn't. The one that doesn't usually feels greasy on the skin and oily, so instead of hydration or other kind of benefit, it turns sticky and uncomfortable to be used, especially when I want to take a rest at night. There's one time I'm using a sleeping mask, but the overwhelming scent really bothers me.

Now, how about belif;s First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask?


The white creamy gel, which feels like a snow on the skin, easily melted and so soft on the skin. I love the scent of belif's products and this one is no exception. Like comforting herbs. the tiny golden beads also burst easily with a mere simple massaging action. The product didn't cause any stickiness nor greasy on the skin, for me the sensation is light, fresh and relaxing.


The next day the skin wakes up with a dewy and moist complexion with transparency. It does helps out brighten the look and clears up appearance.

Overall, Overnight Brightening Mask is a snug and cozy mask to be used overnight on a cleansed face, and massage the lovely creamy gel a bit to the formula spread evenly on the skin. And take a deep breath before relaxing and dozing. Try to keep the face upward and sleeps without turning sideways or backwards. The mask will easily absorbed within 30 minutes, so sometime I do put the mask 30 minutes before bed time so all the mask already sets in on the skin.

Wakes up and do the routine of cleansing the skin and notice a brighter skin within. Use it twice a week regularly and get a luminous skin gradually.


  1. Hi ce, belif mask nya udah masuk indo ya? apa cece beli di luar? aku nunggu2 banget nih ce masks nya belif. suka banget sama semua produknya >.<

  2. Hi adismandarini,

    Semua masker belif ini didapat dari belif Indonesia, mungkin kalau di counter agak lama karena sedang proses bpom nya. sabar yaaa, I know how you feel, a great products does make us excited :)