Wednesday, March 6, 2013

True White Plus Liquid Foundation OCOW

Hello lovelies,

This is gonna be a week full of ZA at my blog. Tons of products are going to be reviewed and hopefully helpful for you who haven't got a clue on them.


SPF25 PA++

Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Powder create Pearly White Skin. Contains Vitamins C & E derivatives, minerals and hyaluronic acid for skincare. Its base formula leaves skin feeling satiny, smooth and bright.

Provided with 6 Shades


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Mine is OCOW, which amazingly suits me perfectly and this creamy liquid easily use and finish off with the dry effect under 3 minutes. Yes, the formula is kinda fast to dry, so blending action need to be quick and vigilant (^o^)

I love the pumps as it provide just enough foundation in a go.


The formula is light and build-able for more coverage. As seen in the image the formula dries almost instantly. I know the name is True White but happily it wont create an unnatural whitish or pale skin tone. I think, it's more to the brighter skin.

Cover the liquid foundation with powder or loose powder and finish as a natural flawless base. For a more problematic skin, concealer and two way cake may be used on certain area or overall.

On me touch up is minimum, just loose powder now and then and I'm flawless all day long. Away from cakey or feeling heavy. This is a suitable foundation for daily use packed with vitamin C&E plus sun protection too. 


  1. Hi jnynita,

    Sorry I forgot how much, I think it's around Rp 150.000.

    Will ask Za team and get back to you :)

  2. Been eyeing on this since the day I tried it at ZA Beauty Show. I love how ZA has separated shades for both yellowish and pinkish tones ^^

  3. Hi cstefanie,

    you've gotta try it :)

    Yes, they are definitely suitable for asian skin ^^