Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Earth Hour with The Body Shop March 2013

On the 23rd of March 2013,

we all celebrated Earth Hour, people all over the world turn off their lights and any form of electricity just for an hour.

And some of us gathered at The Body Shop store in Grand Indonesia.


The media and me are here so we can experience the live presentation and real action of the team from The Body Shop Indonesia. Personally, I feel like the Earth Hour is not 'celebrated' as much as the years before. We need to take actions in preserving our home planet and Earth Hour is one of it.


The warmth greetings from the the staff behind events and events of The Body Shop are there and they are excited, we all should. The earth has been our home for thousands and thousands of years, keeping them a place to be called a home for future generations is something has ti be done and due to the ticking of the times, act fast is the solution.


By saying No to plastic, The Body Shop Indonesia starts a campaign in the urge of priorities. There are other issues that will help our mother earth, recycle, reducing waste, reducing energy, savings energy, use alternate fuel, and many more. But now, in Indonesia alone, plastic is our 'enemy'.

Not just any plastic, those disposable plastic bags.


Before the event started, I have a chance to take pictures with Amanda and Laura, they are amongst the people who happen to be celebrity and care about Earth Hour.


Me and Melissa, the MC. She looks so lovely with her puffy skirt and have you noticed that all of them are using an Earth Hour T-shirt, all the media also get one, mine is inside that TBS bag ^__^


Soon Ms. Maya called us to get into the store, it is about to start. While they are thanking us for coming to the event, we are thanking them for inviting us. I feel different there, like good things does meant to be shared and doing good things together do makes it better as more people participate and hand in hand 'do' something for the earth to be healed.


One by one they all get to share their version in doing what's right. Maybe next time, all of us can say one thing we want or already done to save the planet. Who knows, maybe one of our ideas can easily be applied to someone else's life and feel related one to another.


The CEO also have something to share with all of us, Ibu Suzy, 'the mother' of The Body Shop for her share on Earth Hour. Changes in The Body Shop stores such as using only LED lights, engaging with customer for participating in Earth Hour and any social benefit actions are some of her ideas in giving back for the nature.


By the time the clock strike 7.ooPM the lights are turn of and words appeared : No To Plastic.

I'm leaving you with some thoughts from The Body Shop Indonesia:

Dear Rekan Media,
The Body Shop® sebagai role model dalam dunia bisnis dengan kepedulian tinggi terhadap isu-isu lingkungan untuk melindungi planet bumi, menjadikan momen Earth Hour (23 Maret) hingga Hari Bumi (22 April) untuk melaksanakan Green Month Campaign. Dengan mengambil tema “Say No to Plastic”, The Body Shop® mengajak masyarakat untuk tidak menggunakan kantong plastik dan botol plastik kemasan.

Selain tetap bekerjasama dengan WWF pada program Earth Hour tahun ini, The Body Shop® juga akan melibatkan sejumlah selebritis untuk memberikan aksi nyata mereka kepada Bumi. The Body Shop® mengajak para selebritis ini untuk turut mensosialisasikan ancaman sampah plastik bagi kelestarian Bumi kepada para penggemarnya. Selain itu, seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya The Body Shop® juga akan memadamkan lampu di seluruh tokonya sebagai aksi nyata melindungi Bumi.

So, what did you do to protect the earth?

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