Friday, March 22, 2013

Philips Satin Perfect

Hello ladies,

these tool has been my best friend for years. It's a perfect solution to be used at home. Since I'm not qualified in waxing, shaving is known to have 'side effects' such as darken the area where shaved, to more hair growth (either rumor or true, I choose not to do it) and the growth also faster compared to epilating. Pull the hair out. Yes, it is a bit painful but there are some tricks I know up to my sleeves \^0^/


This is the box, inside there's the product, product warranty, details, information and some attachments to be used along plus the charger.


Beside as an epilator there's a shaving head as well, just in case shaving is needed instead of epilating. Everything is neatly tucked in inside the box after opening I can throw away that big box because a pouch is provided enough for the whole item.


6 cool features inside one. Here's some details from

And beside all those wonderful things above there are small items which I think made them into perfection, a small brush to clean in between the grid.


A tweezers which I can use to tidy up the brow. It got small mirror and equipped with light, small, handy and very convenient during traveling, or just about anywhere. 


The tweezers when the lights is off.


And of course the main attraction, the epilator, it have lights as well so I wont missed small hairs. I love the fact that the product is cordless, so I can easily move the product anywhere I please and sleek too in terms of design. The battery last quite long, 40 minutes non stop for me means no hair underarm. legs, feminine area and hands as well. The charging time also decently fast with a screen to show me when it's done, so there's no room for overcharge or undercharge.


There's the indicator.

Now, as mentioned above epilating can be a bit painful, so here's some tips from me:

1. Avoid epilating during and before menstrual period as the skin is more sensitive.
2. Do the epilating after a warm shower/bath as the skin pores is loosen.
3. Never do it on a broken skin (broken as in boo boo, other kind of irritation, and other irregular condition).
4. If you happen to have very sensitive skin or easily irritated use a tea tree oil or skin soother after epilating.
5. Hair removal cream 5-10 minutes before epilating will weaken the hair and make epilating painless but some hair may broke and not pulled from the roots.
6. Do not sunbath before and after epilating, at least 48 hours before and after.
7. Rinse the skin with cold clean water after epilating to help 'closing the deal' (the skin) if skin soother is not available.
8. Don't forget to read the manual carefully before using any tools/appliance ^__^

That's it, hope it helps!


  1. Thanks for the epilating tips. I never tried using a hair removal cream, but you are right hair might just break instead of being plucked. The results might not last as long.

  2. Thanks for the detailed tips you've mention in this blog. I hope I found this blog before I've use my epilator