Thursday, March 7, 2013

Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation OCOW

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I'm back with Za, a brand from Japan that is famous for it's two way cake. The powder may be used on dry or wet skin with a lovely perfect finish coverage for daily usage.

Here's some info from


Packed with a lo of good things such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, the micro fine powder is a delight sensation as well on the surface of the skin.

As I mentioned during the Beauty Event, I've used the two way cake during my college days. It's the only two way cake for me, since I used to take the bus daily. The sweats and sebum are unavoidable, this two way cake stands through it and gives me a natural flawless finish.

Then not long after that I moved to Singapore and found how the two way cake also loved and look for by so many customers, it is a best seller year after year. The price also considered budget friendly with the result that beats some high prices two way cake from other brand which some time can be blotchy and cakey.


And now, thanks to Za Indonesia, we are united, the last time I used the powder is when I'm still in Singapore, 2 years ago and over the years they keep improving and innovating the product become better and better with the same unique function of working in dry or wet condition.

I still remember back then they use numbers for the shades, now mine is called OCOW.

The powder gives me a medium coverage to high when used with other Za products such as the liquid foundation. It stays almost all day long indoor and for heavy duty activity can easily do a touch up and I'm good to go. Suitable with the sponge given or foundation brush. Sometime do I add loose powder for a luminous finish.

Overall, it's a great product, affordable price and gives wonderful result. And occasionally they come in special edition packaging that is super duper cute, like this one:

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