Monday, March 18, 2013

Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse POREraser in Beige

Minna-san, konnichiwa.

After a series period of time trying this adorable mousse from Shu Uemura, it will be jotted down here. Mousse is not a strange item in the Shu's family, in fact since 1990, the first mousse is made. By keep innovating and recreating POREraser is presented. A UV Under Base Mousse that not just protecting the skin with SPF 35 PA+++, but it perfecting the pore so the look become finer and less problems.

Problem? Such as oiliness.


The luscious mousse I have is in beige, please read the previous post regarding the event of PORErase (HERE). Once pump it is enough for the whole face and neck. I like to apply some until decollete as well when using a low cut dress/shirt.

It is better to shake the bottle for a while before pressing the pump.


Usually, I'll put the foam on the back of my hand. The mousse may be used with a brush or a wet sponge. This time, I'll use my fingers as tools.

Put the mousse on a cleaned, toned, serumed and moisturized skin.


The oh-so-familiar smell of the mousse, like a milky powdery foam. There's a faint sound of the tiny bubbles popping, burrssssssstttttttttttt.


Before all the small bubbles pop out, hurry, blend them well on the skin so the texture and formula remains airy light, like how it meant to be made.


After the mousse is distributed well, wait for a while for them to sets in. Normal liquid base will take around 3-5 minutes (and some also up to 10 minutes), UV Under Base Mousse is up to 1 minute only.


In 5 minutes, I notice a visible difference as the skin looks more luminous, and the skin tone looks even-er, it helps retain the oiliness without being dull as well. I can see the skin remains 'charming'. Of course since it is a base, foundation may be added afterwards for a more desired effect. But just using the UV Under Base Mouse POREraser the skin already looks 'clean-er'.


This is me using PORErase alone after 1 hour, without adding foundation, powder, or even loose powder. Apparently the mousse will keep adjusting and blending into the skin. Giving me an even complexion with a natural healthy look, far less visible pores, radiant without being greasy nor oily.

Definitely one of my favorite items for being so unique in texture (mousse), so light (as if using nothing). easy to apply, and gives great result (finer pores and even complexion). I just wish it comes in higher SPF =^__^=

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