Thursday, March 14, 2013

Za Cheeks Groovy in Strawberry Pink

Hi everybody,

Cheeks Groovy is here, a blush on from Za-Cosmetics.

Here's some details from


The shades comes in 5, from Glowing Pink to June Bride. Mine is in Strawberry Pink. A very lovely floral blush perfect for daily use or on a romantic date.


Simple design in a hard plastic covers, most Japanese over-the-counter cosmetics are like this. In a transparent packaging for a no-fuss-no-frill customer delights. The product inside also the same, it produce the exact same color to be used on the cheeks. Start slowly and gently tap the blush (applicator provided) and gradually build the desired color.


It's a simple product that deliver result accordingly.


I found the shade to be very cute and suitable for ladies around 20's and perhaps below ^__^ those who are 30's may still use it for that perky youthful glow.

The texture is smooth and not highly pigmented, suitable in creating a natural look. No sparkles nor highlighter seen, the blush is again, a very simple product with the color just like shown, a pinkish strawberry.

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