Monday, March 4, 2013

Balms Away

Hi babes,

this is one of the item promised to be reviewed after this post about dazzling Marilyn (HERE), the Balms Away, an eye makeup breakup.

That's the product, a simple rounded jar, which reminds me a lot of a good old days where vintage is IN, and again, they are IN again now. Who could resists the sexy pin ups and curvy gals?!

Details from

Easy to used and works really really well. I've tested it on one of my strongest, waterproof, water resistant, smudge proof, tear proof, sweat proof, rain or shine kinda mascara and eyeliners where other products usually admit defeat, clean minimum, or clean majority but left a few part still untouched.

Just use a bit and work between the fingers first and let them melt like butter . . . or petroleum jelly. Then close the eyes and gently massage the balm all through the lashes and careful not to insert the balm into the eyes.

Use a facial tissue, not cotton, as cotton will breaks apart and ended up picking up the fine threads of cotton to be more homework than actually helping.

Gently swipe the tissue over the breaking mascara and eyeliners, or any other waterproof makeup, and I can see darkness disappears. I use my foaming facial foam afterwards yet some still left there since the balm are so close to the eyeballs. But overnight (since usually I use Balms Away at night) it made my lashes feel so soft, delicate and lustrous. I think it's a cleanser with skincare lash-care benefit as well.

Great product that help removes falsies glue as well.

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