Friday, March 22, 2013

Makarizo Texture Experience Shampoo Black Chocolate

Hi everyone,

IBB is collaborating with Makarizo presenting their newest collection of Texture Experience. The Black Chocolate Shampoo is here.

I think for us, locally, Makarizo is not a brand we haven't heard off, their ads are everywhere and almost every salon also carries their products. I've tried them for the first time around more than 12 years ago. For more than a decade Makarizo keep on developing various products to caters one's need for the hair, scalp and now, body too.


A simple packaging, design and details, hmm, I think I need more details than these. I try to found some more information from but failed to find any. So the review will be based on personal experience only.


The clear gel in the middle is the shampoo. I thought it would be like these chocolate liquid, somewhat like a hot cocoa ^__^ but even thou' it's clear, the fragrant chocolate scent is very noticeable. I use the product after lathering on my palm, gently massage the bubbles on a wet hair and I feel that the hair become so soft and slippery at once.

At first I thought the shampoo will be too dry, but it's not, the sensation on the hair is quite moist, then I'm afraid it will be too oily on the scalp, but again, it's not. This shampoo gives my hair the 'right' feeling. I don't experience a greasy oily scalp, not dry hair strand effect.

Overall, I like the shampoo from the experience using it but the lack of information regarding the product drew me back a bit. I hope this brand will give me more information regarding the item, either from the website or printed on the packaging.

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