Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Astaxanthin Power Moisture Fixer

Hi everyone,

on the previous post I've reviewed the series of Astaxanthin from the toner, essence, emulsion and cream (read: HERE). Now, as mentioned in that previous post, there's one more item that I really want to try, the Moisture Fixer.

The Moisture Fixer is a


Somehow I'm not that confident in using it as a primer, but still I'll do that ^__^ and share you some thoughts, however, the main attraction would be Moisture Fixer as a Sleeping Mask.


Look at that! Isn't it beautiful? An amber gel form which resemble an almost set jell-o and all it's glory. I do play with it for a while and until you actually look at it and personally scoop it out and yes, play with the product, where then you'll see exactly what I meant.


When scoop out in a quick way, it will act like an agar, but when gently pour down, it will slowly melts and drips like honey.


It is the most interesting texture. I wonder how they made it like that and why and all the history behind the making. I hope someday all my questions are answered. For now, I'm just enjoying the product ^__^


I put it on a cleaned skin and let them do it's magic. Again, when gently put on the gel will slowly melts and able to be distributed well on the skin. I think if it used as a primer after a cream, I have to melt them well at my palms before touching the facial skin.


This is me after 30 minutes using Moisture Fixer.

At first, the gel feels cool where then there's this warm sensation. I let the whole family to try on this mask, my mom, dad, hubby and sister. We all experience the exact same thing when all our skin type is differ by far. The skin gets rejuvenating effect waking up in the morning. I don't experience abundant moisture but perhaps when used with the whole series the moisture will stay intact inside the film it created.


By using the moisture fixer alone the skin get a warm feeling, the smell is light and a bit citrus zing at the end, the lovely texture is fun to put on the skin and application also easy once the gel is melted. I did massage it a bit before leaving it on around 30 minutes or so before bedtime so it wont stick anywhere else but my face.

The sleeping mask gives the skin a bouncy and firming effect (yes, all of us experience that as well), which means this is the perfect item for aging skin in terms of sagging. The rejuvenating effect also so lovely like the skin somehow become younger and healthier overnight.

In terms of being a primer, the honey golden gel helps a sticky foundation become looser blends everything before setting it finely. Wait for the skin become touch-ably dry before adding some powder.

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