Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vita Green Lingzhi

Hi everyone,

in this post I would like to share about beauty from within.

Everyday as we uses skincare and maintaining well balanced diet, supplement is often needed as sometime we don't get wide varieties of choices available. Such as Vita Green Lingzhi

Haven't heard about Lingzhi?

Read some of the info here:


And there are many different functions and benefits like shown below:

And Vita Green Lingzhi has all 6 colors of Lingzhi, which is beneficial for:

This is the product, a bottle contained 72 capsules, which is taken daily 1-2 capsules.

In Guardian right now, they are having a promotion where normal price is SGD 129, now become SGD 109.

For me the capsules are smaller than regular capsule and easy to drink everyday. I take it right after a meal, once daily. And since the product are made for all ages, I give one for my daughter per day.

I feel it is important to take Lingzhi daily as antioxidant and increase immune system as we live in a big city where the air is polluted. I wish for greener Jakarta but meanwhile I have to keep myself healthy since my wish takes time to become a reality (which means I still hope it become a reality where Jakarta become a green city with clean air).

Lingzhi has been well known for generations in my family and we used to take it in a much more inconvenient way, this capsules definitely make it easier to be consumed daily and in a practically measured single dose.

As the Chinese believes in yin and yang please do consume Vita Green Lingzhi accordingly and drinks plenty of water, have more than 1 portions of fruits and veggies too.

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