Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clinique Chubby Sticks (Oversized Orange, Curvy Candy, and Pudgy Peony)

Hello lovelies,

these cuties need no introduction as I believe it was among the products that create a lot of buzz and so famous. And yes, all for the right reasons as well. They are superbly well, adorable, and just irresistible.


(Those jellies in the ads are so spot on, they got my attention alright)

Details from www.clinique.com:

Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth. Sixteen natural-looking lip tints in all, each with a subtle sheen.

  • Apply directly to lips. For subtle definition outline lips first, then fill in with natural-looking colour. Never needs sharpening: simply swivel up to reveal more lip colour balm.

I got mine in Oversized Orange, Curvy Candy and Pudgy Peony. Thank you so much Clinique Indonesia \^0^/

And I'll review all three of them.


Let's start with Pudgy Peony, a color which I always want to have but never have the courage to actually get one and use it until now. I love it. It was like shouting for attention in the sweetest way possible. The balm fills in the fine lines on the lips, moisturized and comfortable. I expect a thicker feeling on the lips, but there's none. The sensation it gives still pretty light. I wish it comes in various scent as well, heehee.

The shine it gives is just right, not greasy, but enough to be use daily or just about anytime.


The tint will last on the lips even after eating and several wiping action. So it's a lip balm with attitude.

The next one will be Curvy Candy.


Heehee somehow it match a bit like my nail polish. The Chubby Stick is chubby alright and I like how easy it is to use them, like normal lipstick, spin them to get the inside come out. The lid is secured, I rarely experience a fall out and the balm is quite sturdy too, it wont easily break even though it has properties like a lip balm.


Between these three shades I have, Curvy Candy is the 'safest' choice of them all. As the color is light pink, suitable for daily usage, office life and even going to the mall or dates. 


Then, the not so easy choice which I found to be my favorite shade, the Oversized Orange. Above is the look with a night light and below with a bright sunlight.

See the difference?


Imagine using a bright orange shade in the day time and looks energized, perky, and fresh. The shade gives me option in a way that enlighten the whole look, actually all their shades presented here giving me a younger look. And the title 'lip balm' also does it's way around too heehee. Beside keeping the lips moist the product is definitely not overwhelming.

They are not exactly light but not heavy either, they are somewhat in the middle. Perfect for anyone who are looking for color, hydration, simplicity, and 16 choices of shades too (plus they are adding 8 more). I can see clearly why some are addicted to the products, me too! 

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