Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack _ EX

Hi everyone,

this item is no stranger in the beauty world, I have know and used it around 5 years now and the Sleeping Pack has gain favors from a lot of customers and reviewers around the world.


This is the travel size edition.

Laneige philosophy are based on water, where hydrated skin is the best condition skin. Plump, dewy and visibly moist. Ms. Song, the brand ambassador is famous for her youthful skin, perfect for Laneige image where proper hydration can keep the skin young and healthy.


Now, before starting with any of your skincare regime, make sure to clean your hands even thou' starting the regime with cleansing. So the product may do they job precisely at facial area. Imagine the hands already so dirty, the cleansing agent already so busy cleaning the hands before even touching the face. This cutie is an antibacterial hand soap which I use before taking care of the face.


Now, let's move on to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack _ EX, all product details from www.laneige.com.

After the face is cleaned, you may use toner/lotion and then apply the Sleeping Pack generously to the whole area, for me I like to massage them a bit before leaving them on. Just make sure all the wonderful slightly creamy gel is distributed and there's a thin layer left after massaging.


The night time hydrating system will help the skin to regenerate, rehydrate, boosting their performance and adding moist to the skin so the lines are filled up. The skin become elastic and this is what we called young.

You may read the ingredients and other benefits directly from the website and I'll share with you my personal experience in using it.


I remember vividly as 5 years ago, I'm still in my 20's I use the Sleeping Pack and waiting for the pack to be absorbed, or at least sunk in the skin, so I can twist and turn during bedtime. Little that I know back then that a little massaging action goes along the way. And 30 minutes before bedtime also helps in making sure the pack has set, so most of the nutrients ended up absorbed by my facial skin instead of by the pillows.


I love the texture of something imitating a gooey-ness, the light blue milky color and faint scent is suitable for introducing a night full of wonderful dreams and waking up looking hydrated, fresh and ready for the day.

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