Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Za Liquid Eyeliner

Hello there!

Za is here ^__^

Yes, yes, another Za products and this is the last one I (currently) have. They are good quality products in affordable prices, what's not to like?!


details from

The ultra-thin brush and liquid maintain sharp lines for hours.

it comes in only one shade, black.


The packaging is simple but still very nice, this Japanese product is known to be effective and effortless. Za Marketing assured me no matter how you put them on (Za cosmetics) it would never go wrong. Anyone can do it, that's their motto. Suitable for beginner to professional.

Look at the eyeliner, it is able to create a very fine line with steady constant straight uninterrupted streak. 


Don't forget to read all the details provided in the packaging before throwing it off ^__^

And start making lines for your eyes!


From so thin (image at way above) to this thick the super sharp gentle brush can do it all without fail.

Is it waterproof? Like 75% yes. I do have rather active glands near the eyes, so it sweats a lot and tears do come down ofter to lubricate the eyes, but so far, no smudges once set. So when the ink haven't set, I can easily clean the error.

The shape of the liner is common, the ink given is a very good quality, I did mistakenly put it inside my eyes a few times, it never sting the eyes (I try not to do that again) and the ink can easily be removed from inside the eyes with tears and tissue.

The shaking action is needed just so the ink can flow beautifully.


It's a simple eyeliner with dark black ink, 75% waterproof, anti-smudge, fine soft gentle brush, and hardly fails on me ^__^

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