Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Za Beauty Show

Thank you so much for everyone who attended the event, we really appreciate all of you who made it ^__^  we will put you on our list where for every event which need RSVP and limited seats, your name will be on the 'priority'.

Now, here's a glimpse of the Beauty Show held by Za and hosted by Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB).

All the hosts made it there early, we do lunch together and then use only Za as our skincare and makeup. The set are complete, from cleanser, toner, emulsion, moisturizer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush on, eyeshadow, to lipsticks and lip glosses. The shades and variety also quite varied. All of our needs are catered.


After finished with the makeup, each of us have time to took some pictures ^__^ the stage and seating area is nicely done, but I do hope they give the audience more seats, 50 is clearly not enough, many guests have to stand up.


Nevertheless, we are so happy that later the seats are all filled with beauty enthusiast and hopefully in the near future we can make another event that will fulfilled all of our needs and have fun with beauty products!


While waiting I took some product swatches, this is their lipstick, 12 years ago I love them so much since they are the only brand that sell sheer colored lipstick. Back then, I dislike bold color lipstick, they made me look so old, now. . . I'm old @_@

For you who are still young, vibrant and like fresh colors without being too heavy, their lipstick is perfect!


Beside lipstick they also have Lip Drops, it added the gloss and moisture to the lips, creating a juicy luscious wet lips.


Soon the event started with the lovely MC, Ms. Chica (ooh, I hope I do spell her name correctly). She is looking so sexy in a yellow mini dress.


First it was IBB's turn to share our experience of using Za skincare, Carryn with Future Defense, she like it how the products are not sticky and kept her skin moist without being oily.

Priscilla with True Hydration for oily skin, she like how the products kept her skin hydrated is a very gentle and light way, her oily skin is happier and doesn't add acne to her acne prone skin.

Nita with True Hydration for dry skin, she have a combination skin which oily on the T zone and dry at the U zone, so she only uses the product for her U zone. She like how her U zone become hydrated and still use other product (for oily skin) for her T zone.

And Tia with True White. She notices the brighter complexion of her skin and how the product is gentle too without being sticky.


I'm reviewing the makeup.


A series of makeup is given to me and the highlight of that day is of course the True White makeup collection for a brighter, flawless and light base.

Then it's the mascara, eyeliner, brow set, makeup remover, and so on, I will deliberate one by one later on the next posts ^__^

I've review on of the item, which is True White Liquid Foundation: HERE.


Then, it's the models turn to bring the heat up.  They have done the base all by themselves right before the event started and during the show, they add some colors and voila, showing how user friendly Za is, without fail you too can create an effortless makeup that add freshness to the look.


 Talking about freshness, I found this one item that is a must have! Yes, Za two way cake is very famous, when I still live in Singapore this item is one of the best seller two way cake, and in Malaysia too. Periodically they are having special edition and like this one, super duper cute!!!


Last, is the door prizes announcements!!! Thank you so much Za for providing the gifts (little birds told me there are lipstick and a palette of eyeshadow is in there).



Hope to see you all again real soooooonnnn \^0^/


  1. ce, za ini mekap dari mana sih ?
    sipore gitu ? kek silky girl bukan ?
    makluum newbie ce heheh :P

  2. Hi miss ripleys,

    Za dari Jepang, satu grup dengan Shiseido dan Majolica Majorca ^__^