Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Melody Oil Free Whitening 3D Fitting Mask

Hello ladies,

here's another face mask from Love More, a pink My Melody that helps the skin to be fairer in a 3D shaped mask.


A super duper cute packaging, Sanrio fans will surely collects.


Here's the details given on the back side, can't seem to read it?

Read the details provided by

I found My Melodies to be irresistible, after all she is my favorite character in Hello Kitty's rings of fellowship \^0^/

The usage of this mask is simple and like any other facial mask, use it on a cleansed skin and some may add toner too.


And then let this 3D mask do it's magic by getting fitted to the skin and chin part, chin? Yes, chin.


The 3D means the mask are unable to be pulled out straight as the 3D shape will bend some of it parts so it will be a perfect fit to the skin. It is better than conventional shaped mask but still a bit too big for my tiny face.

The quality of the sheet is remarkable as it was thick and feels like cotton. So soft and gentle to the skin. So does the formula. Friendly to the skin, thick and so wet. There are plenty of  'juices' as there's no way in 30 minutes the mask become dry, it probably took around an hour to be dried. There even so much leftovers inside the packaging which I refuse to throw it away and apply them on my neck, arms, and legs ^__^


Result? The skin does become whiter as in fairer, but it need regular usage to get rid of dark spots. The mask also add moist effect on the skin and no need rinsing the leftovers, I continue the skincare regime by adding serum and moisturizer. I feel that the mask best used at night when the skin is resting or about to rest.


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  1. aahhh , ini beli dimana masknya ? lucu banget , kalo ada yang doraemon aku mau dah wkwkkwkwk xD

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