Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nature Republic Astaxanthin Power Series

Anneyong everyone,

I'm here with a series from Nature Republic called Astaxanthin, fiuh! That's a hard name.

Astaxanthin, based on

Astaxanthin (/æstəˈzænθɨn/) is a carotenoid. It belongs to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes, which are built from five carbon precursors; isopentenyl diphosphate (or IPP) and dimethylallyl diphosphate (or DMAPP). Astaxanthin is classified as a xanthophyll (originally derived from a word meaning "yellow leaves" since yellow plant leaf pigments were the first recognized of the xanthophyll family of carotenoids), but currently employed to describe carotenoid compounds that have oxygen-containing moities, hydroxyl (OH) or ketone (=0), such as zeaxanthin and canthaxanthin
Wow, tough to digest, isn't it? Try these: 

(all details are provided by Nature Republic Indonesia)

Products given to me are Toner, Essence, Emulsion, Cream. Unfortunately, not the Moisture Fixer, I really want to try it ^__^

Anyway, in this post I will share a review of using the products I have from the Astaxanthin series. The product which is made for around 30's and above.


I feel really tempted after reading the details about the products and how cool they are as they added the elasticity back to the skin and those anti-oxidant as I'm really concerned due to the high pollution in Jakarta. The coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and arbutin, the ingredients that a skin need to get fairer and younger is there. Let's see how my skin goes after using the products for almost 2 weeks.


A heavy glass bottle with bright orange look, quite heavy, and I love the cap details, like a leave. Almost all Nature Republic items have that same design for the lid.

Start with the toner, a clear orange fluid, smells like orange too, fruity and fresh. The toner is a delight to the skin as well, Easy to use. I damped the cotton with it right after cleansing and feel the skin responding by getting softer and ready for the next step, the essence.


The Essence is delightful as well, gooey and orange. Smell like marmalade with the texture like simple syrup. Gentle on the skin and easy to be absorbed. The skin instantly grab the moisture and become hydrated. I love to use it day and night.


Next is the emulsion, a creamy texture in a heavy glass bottle, I wish they come in a pump shaped, since it is a bit tricky to jotted them out. Smells like a fresh peeled orange, not as light as the essence, but still feel easy on the skin. Help the skin to retain the moisture and stay plump longer.


Last on this series is the cream, a super duper rich cream which I think is my least favorite product here. Why? The texture is so creamy and feels thick on the skin. I use it on night time only since on day time feels sticky.

The smell of the cream is like a orange milk, pleasant and nice. On the damped skin the cream will easily glide, so I always make sure the skin is in their wettest possible heehee.


Here is the result after using Astaxanthin for around 2 weeks. The skin does become plump and hydrated but on a few areas such as under the nose (above the lips) some acne are spotted, not much, just 1-2, but I think that's due to the rich formula. But overall the series does provide me some benefits such as:
More hydrated skin
Plumped skin which means less fine lines
Fairer skin
Healthy glow

Fresher look.

Thank you Nature Republic Indonesia.

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