Friday, March 22, 2013

Say No To Plastic with The Body Shop and Central Park Mall

Hello everyone,

as usual The Body Shop and their continuous action in the society and the earth, now presenting, "Say No To Plastic".

Collaborating with Central Park Mall, they will have 'grab your plastic' and trade it for FREE with a special bag, so you no longer need plastic to carry your stuff.


We all know how bad plastic is, they don't just disappear into thin air, they stay there for hundreds of years, creating piles of garbage which will 'clogged' our space, life and earth. So The Body Shop think the time is now and we can't delay anymore.

The media are gathered couple days ago, listening to their program at the Patio.


Each of us are given a pin which says, "This is my action, where's yours?". A huge reminder for everyone to take part in this effort to help the earth to become a better place. From turning off the light during Earth Hour or savings in daily basis. Say no just not for plastic, but styrofoam and other needless junk.


The MC on that day is Melissa, she looks lovely in green and it is a refreshing to see her so excited about the program. In the other hand, I'm feeling skeptic about myself. I know we're doing good here and it does took effort, commitment and will to be able to say completely no to plastic.

Where everywhere surrounds me use plastic as if it was the normal thing to do. So The Body Shop team reminds us what's the damage done by plastic and all the nasty stuff thrown away. They are talking about toxic, poisons and chemical waste that hurts us from burning those plastic. Cancers and other diseases or infections.


Mr. Toha Azhary, from The Body Shop, share how The Body Shop has started recycling program years ago, so any empty packaging from their products to be brought back to their store and every 3 empty bottles you'll get 5 points. Neat isn't it?! I've participate in this recycling program around 3 years now and I get benefits from the point as well.

The Body Shop also encourage everyone to think twice before purchasing anything, so it save money and less trash as well. Another program TBS have is during the Earth Hour around 50% of the lighting in all TBS store will be turn off and all customer will get 15% off on ALL products. Make sure you bring your own shopping bag and keep saying no to waste.


Veru Y Setiady (TBS) and a representative from Central Park also there. They will be a team in a program called 'Rampok Plastik' (grab your plastic as mentioned above) on 7th April 2013. Beside that during the Earth Hour (23 March 2013) from 20.30-21.30 Central Park Mall will join in turning off the lights as well for their Green Universe Central Park campaign.

The Body Shop in their office in Bintaro has successfully put "No Styrofoam In This Office" Policy, no disposable plastic bottle, won Green office Competition in 2009, make biopori, energy auditing and many more.


For TBS this is personal and everything begin with one self, their personal life, their office life and neighborhood. From the CEO to the customer, TBS will keep pursuing their efforts to make the earth a better place.


On the spot TBS gives 10 media a chance to replace their plastic bag with eco-friendly shopping bag. This is what's the bag looks like and during the 'Rampok Plastik' these shopping bag will be distributed, if I'm not mistaken they are going to sponsored 1000 of these. Please, don't come just to exchange the plastic, but actually use the shopping bag instead of plastic every single day. And save the planet in other ways as well, as stop wasting water, electricity, use public transportation (TBS also encourage us to push the local government to provide better and safer transportation), recycle, and many other ways you can think off. No idea is too small, the only bad idea is the one you're not doing it. 


As usual TBS are inviting the celebrities to participate in the program. I'm happy to hear that they are eager to do so and gives examples on how to do it in their daily life, the key is to just do it. How about you? Have you start saying NO to plastic?

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