Friday, May 25, 2012

Rose Petal Inspiration Nail Art

Hi all!

Have you ever experience a bad insomnia and somehow just can't sleep, well I did, and it was last night. Somehow I just thought of an idea making this rose petals pattern from my shocking pink nail color. I guess rose petals brings me comfort and I wish I have them on my bed :)

Now how do I get this soft pink rose petals motives from a shocking bright pink nail color?

By layering a shocking pink nails with the nudes I have. And if you're normal like me XD for not having steady hands like a pro manicurist, you will be messy especially when not using your favorite hand. I say leave it alone, wait until a day and soak in a bath or showering. When the skin is wet you can easily peel off the messiness and you got a lovely tidy job done.

First I did apply a shocking pink color and wait until all of them are applied (all the nails) and when they are still a bit soft (not completely dry) put the nudes and they will look blotchy and wont mixed nicely, that's good and that's what I'm looking for, at first the stripes seems obvious and unnatural but since It apply the nudes before the pink dries, they will coagulate and become beautiful like soft pink rose petals.

This is my final look with the soft pink rose petals. After that I sleep happily with the rose petals on my nails ^__^

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