Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lancome UV Expert BB Complete

First of all before I greet all of you, I would like to thank Lancome for the wonderful opportunity ^__^ The item is brand new, in fact it is spanking new and where many BB Cream has landed lately we are sure to enjoy many varieties.

But have you ever considered which one work and which one that just do something? It's like trying and trying and finally you will have that perfect item for you.

Lancome may have the answer for you with triple potency: protect, correct, cover.

Lancome has introduced their new UV Expert BB Complete.

Here's some details about the products

Better Protection
Powerful SPF 50 Protective Shield gives you 12 hours of UV Protection.
Better Correction
Enriched with pore-refining and anti-spot skincare ingredients that creates visibly smoother, softer and naturally radiant skin everyday.
Better Coverage
Empowered with the Aura-InsideTM Technology that fades fine lines, blemishes and dark spots to create immediate flawless-looking skin. Light-weight and available in 2 shades.

The 2 shades are lighter hue (mine is) and warmer tone.

Read more of the information --> HERE.

Information are provided by lancomesg.com

The blemish balm is wonderfully light and I can feel a bit of powder there, very a bit and it is like a high quality ultra fine powder. So it will still look natural and like unpowdered. Lancome item's are also fragrant and wonderful, suitable to be called beauty products ^__^ as they always beautifies.

I use it after I cleanse my face, use toner, serum and moisturizer. It is best to wait a while like 4-5 minutes and let the skin care products sits in my skin and settling down before applying anything including Lancome UV Expert BB Complete. During hotter days where it is also more humid I can wait for more than 5 minutes, like 7 perhaps so the product used afterwards can be applied and distributed better.

Use it little by little, no need to go overboard, a little balm do goes a long the way.

I have skin discoloration and few lines, large pores and some others that I need to cover heehee. But I don't like conventional foundation that sometime icky and feels to thick on the skin. Feels like they are difficult to breath. BUT, a big but there, Lancome UV Expert is always known for their light texture and feeling as well. The skin wont feel any burden at all. And Lancome Expert UV BB Complete is an all in one solution that I can use daily.

The fact that it covers almost all my imperfection, the balm added glow, protection to the skin especially from the sun and I love the SPF 50 PA+++ UVA and UVB. At first I was doubt seeing the whitish kinda like sun block white thingy, but after a while, the color adjusted on my skin and they all seems happy and coordinated together. My look become naturally enhance. Love it! And the pinkish hue is just too hard to resist. I already look great without the need of piling makeup on, this must be the feeling of having a great skin to look at \^0^/ try it to believe it!

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