Monday, May 7, 2012

Lancome Blanc Expert Cleanser and Moisturizer

Hi hi! A lot of posts to be done today. I have so many things, stuffs, goods and products to be share with you and Lancome is one of them.

Recently I've been using many different brightening products since it seems like they are 'in' at the moment, many brands launched it now. So let's deliberate one at a time.

These duo from Lancome is the cleanser and moisturizer from the Blanc Expert Series.

Details regarding the cleanser:

An advanced micro-fiber petal with whitening ingredients inside. Removes dead cells & impurities. Eliminates formation of melanin & dark spots. Preps skin for optimal whitening program. Upon first use, skin looks soft & crystal clear. After 4 weeks, skin appears brighter with a new radiance.

And moisturizer:

The Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Cream provides intense moisturization, re-plumps the skin and fades the appearance of dark spots. Its replumping action perfectly complements the performance of Blanc Expert GN-White Agefight™.
The skin feels softer and more comfortable, firmer and smoother in order to better reflect the light and attenuate the appearance of dullness and dark spots for renewed radiance.
* Dermatologist-tested. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Please find more information on or just about any official website of Lancome.

The cleanser is a white almost thick fluid and it is so white. The lathering process gives me a thick lathering foam as well, it's kinda like a paste, I can see why some also love this cleanser so much for the instant brightening effect, and it does give you a 'clean' sensation, not squeaky, more like clean clean. It's like almost the opposite of their cleansing milk sensation-wise.

My suggestion is to use them both once a day (at night) when you're about to clean the whole makeup, debris, sweat and sun protection formula.

Then followed with toner and the moisturizer.

A white almost thick cream that smells so good, like a white flowers garden. You'll feel pampered and I like the fact that it is suitable for sensitive skin as well. But just like all brightening products you need to be wholesome, use the toner, serum and sun protection as well. Shade also very important so avoid those hours where the sun shines the brightest.

Overall, the cleanser and moisturizer works hand in hand in creating a lighter tone on your skin, while the cleanser feels like really clean, the moisturizer is hydrating but can be a bit oily is you have oily skin. I prefer to use it at night of daily when I'm at home, but when I need to use makeup I still prefer Hydra Zen for being so light.

Still Blanc Expert Hydrating is so easy to love for the instant brightness while pampering my skin with hydration, comfort and firmer smooth skin.


  1. I've used different Lancome cleansers like lancome galatee confort cleansing milk with no irritations nor issues :)

  2. Hi Shane,

    Yes, Lancome products are really good, their main ingredients are roses which gives the skin calming effects :)