Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Givenchy Play for Her

Another perfume for her, Givenchy Play.

The very cute and adorable bottle but play some serious a bit heavy notes. Details from PlayGivenchy.com:

Givenchy has created a radiant floral fragrance with warm, woody tones, a seductive fragrance that uses its boldness to surprise and captivate.
This new fragrance comes in two variations created around a common spirit. The Eau de Parfum is a delicate echo of the Eau de Parfum Intense.

A woody, fruity floral aromatic fragrance
A sparkling fragrance, Play for Her Eau de Parfum radiates smiles and
freedom, leaving a delicate musky imprint on the skin.

The scent is deep and feels rich, it's not really my favorite, after a while the musk become more vivid and for me musk means the opposite of fresh as fresh always leads to citrus.

I think this fragrance is highly sensual and suitable to be used night time. It even scream seductive all over me.

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