Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lancome Color Harmony

Hi all!

Today I went to Lancome and try on their Color Harmony Diagnose, apparently everyone can try and get your color harmony as well. Color harmony diagnose by Lancome is created for customers, so they can get a harmonious colors for their makeup. It helps anyone who wants to get inspiration or a beginner.

First the beauty adviser will put three roses on your face and see which color you like.

Which one is yours? I pick the pink ^__^ it represent cool, while black represent neutral and orange represent warmth.

These are my color harmony.

The cool blue tone use just as a hint and love this pink hue for my blush

Next is the lipstick, pink and bright. My look become fresh and suits me well. Wanna try? Visit any Lancome counter and get color harmony in a jiffy. Complimentary to everyone.

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