Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate

Hi all!

Let me reminds you if you haven't know it already, there's a lot of whitening/brightening products on the market as we speak. It's like every brand come up with formulas for our skin to become fairer and the dark spots to disappear.

Now, SK-II has provided me a 28 days Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate to be use daily (preferably night time) for 28 days in a row.

The ingredients is Alarian, helps loosen the spots from deep under the skin.

I really like the packaging and how they are individually wrapped, I hope it means freshness in every day routine. Today is the first out of 28 days. I have taken my Day 1 picture, so then I'll show you (after 28 days) the after picture as well.

The essence is light and like a slight creamy gel that feels so rich on the skin. I was told to use the whole ampoule in a go. So I spread it well. No scent nor fragrance. The skin also didn't complain at all, so far no allergy reaction.

Stay tune for my weekly update ^__^


  1. Hi sis, can you inform us the price for this product?

  2. hi Ricca,

    sorry for pricing info you may directly visit the nearest SK-II counter or ask them via SK-II Official Facebook or Twitter account.