Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revlon Age Defying Cream Makeup in Natural Beige

Hi all!

Now I'm going to share the review of one of Revlon new item. Since I'm a part of Indonesian Beauty Blogger community, I get a chance to try this foundie :) It's fun right?! So do join Indonesian Beauty Blogger ya, click --> HERE.

Okay, back to the product, a funny looking bottle with swirls inside it :) nice! This cream makeup felt kinda rich in texture.

Since I got the product without being able to choose the shade, it somewhat match and somewhat looks too ehm, red for me.

Since the cream is thick you can easily overused, so pump it little by little ya. Always put it on a cleaned, toned, (serum+) moisturizer ya before using this cream. Wait until the skincare absorbed before using any makeup.

Then after more spreading, it can be distributed well, but I feel talcy here. A bit like old foundation type, only feels lighter.

After it dries up, I really like the tiny sparkles that made the skin looks glisten. Like after getting a tan it's just glows. Perfect for party too. And here a collage of pictures of me using the cream on my face.

Doesn't feel enough seeing a collage? I give you a full spread.

The overall look become flawless, fine lines are covered, so does the mini freckles, large pores and uneven skin tone.

Here's the difference in one picture. The downside I can feel is they do feels heavier compared to other brand where now everyone compete to be the lightest, nevertheless, price-wise, many will satisfy with this product.

Use a loose powder afterwards and you're ready for color. I suggest cleaning them with makeup remover before any facial foam.

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