Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow in 550 Enchanted

As mentioned on my previous post, I get a whole bunch of stuffs from Revlon Indonesia and why do I get them is also related with IBB, read more --> HERE ya.

Here are all the goodies! Thank you Revlon Indonesia ^_^ And don't worry I will share them one by one, reviews and then make some looks with them.

I really like this: Sealed with a kiss!

Now this is me using ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow in 550, I will deliberate the tutorial, but actually you can simply have this just by looking at the back of the packaging and a simple guide line for you. Btw, in the light and seeing the product with naked eyes is so different, so you might want to do your trial prior using it. And sorry to say, on my lids, it doesn't really stays 16 hours, maybe a primer would be good before using these eye shadows. Overall, this budget friendly shadows is suitable for daily use and special occasion when used in bold mode.

More tutorial and look will come ya ^__^ excited to do some experiments as well!

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