Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double Extension Curl 24H, a Mascara by L'Oreal Paris

Hi all ^__^

Today is so hot in Jakarta, it's like 35 degree Celsius out there, and the humidity is just too much. Well, there's no better days than this to test this stuff I just got from L'Oreal Paris Indonesia.

They come by knocking on my door.

Oh look a complete set for curling \^0^/ It's all for the Double Extension Curl 24H mascara by L'Oreal Paris.  I got the press CD (that unfortunately can't be opened), booklet, Gentle (read more about it --> HERE)

In the booklet, explained the product which is available in Asia (currently), I've been googling about it and only the site from Japan that have the information regarding the product, why?

Apparently linked to the word for Asian lashes that tend to be shorter and flat-er. Now with Double Extension Curl, those lashes can become longer and curler (based on L'Oreal Paris finding).


With these 2 unique brush in 1.

Step 1.
Fortifying Base with AquaFlex Complex.
With Ceramide, Argan 1Jojoba Oil for stronger and softer lashes.
(the white one)

Step 2.
Curling TopCoat with Flex Polymer
With Flex Polymer to help curl the lashes and Water-Block technology to stay curl for 24 hours.

So now, let see how it work.

This is my nude face, really bare, not even a powder.

I'm ready to try the product. It is slightly bigger than normal mascara, chubbier to be precise.

I start by Step 1.

My lashes become white and do make sure it coated the whole area, I may need to learn using it and it seems like they are a bit dry than my normal mascara.

Then Step 2.

Just piled it on the 'white' lashes, coated the whole lashes and again, the mascara do feel drier as well. My lashes become stiff and seems curler and definitely longer.

This is the result from the right lashes which was done and the before is my left lashes. Here the difference is really noticeable and it's like wearing false lashes.

Close up look.

And this is when both of my lashes wearing Double Extension Curl 24H and clearly my right lashes is more curled than the left one, so I think it is depends on your natural lashes as well, you can simply use a lash curler for a better curl. For the extra length it created I have no complain whatsoever, I was satisfy with that.

It does feels a bit sticky and a bit uncomfortable due to the sticky feeling. But for the waterproof-city it was great! It stands through sweat, tears (yes, I made myself cry so I can test it) and best of all, it stands through me. I have a sweaty and moist eye zone, so far only 1-2 items that can stay there without any smudges nor making me look ugly and Double Extension Curl 24H is one of those wonderful things.

Oh yes, I did another experiment, I apply them again, back from Step 1 then Step 2 on each lashes, it create a bigger lashes per strands. take note during this whole process I did not use lash curler, okay?!

Close up look on each of the lashes with double usage of Double Extension Curl 24H

My final look after using the Double Extension Curl 24H two times and it has been more than 4 hours of sweating under the sun and attempting to cry by watching drama, the lashes stays waterproof \^0^/ Hooray for that!!

I have no doubt that the mascara can stay the whole day but takes time to get used to the chubbiness, your eye sight get's a bit affected as well but beside that you get the benefit of lighter lids compared when using fake lashes, a real waterproof mascara,  create longer and a bit more curler lashes. Recommend the product? Definitely!


  1. Hi,Where did you buy that stuff? Thanks

  2. Hi Anon,

    It was sent by L'Oreal Paris :)