Monday, February 18, 2013

Eraser Show Remover Bar

Hi everyone,

as a makeup lover, I love to try on new beauty products, including mascara. Some are excellent in doing their job while some... sucks X__x. I have to look my best on every event so perfection is what I'm looking for.

Mascara is best used in dry condition, not humid, so the liquid/cream may harden and completely dry, however some mascara couldn't stay harden/dry when exposed to the hot and humid temp in Jakarta. Same thing with sweat and tears. The result? A panda eyes, where the mascara easily smudges and well, melts. Under the eye become black and the makeup is ruin. I want to clean the area affected by the mascara only without the foundation/powder or whatever base under it.

In most cases I use tissue, but usually it will make the case even worse. I use a makeup remover and all the makeup underneath also gone, leaving the eyes area looks weird and uneven skin tone with the rest of the face.

The answer?

Eraser Show Remover Bar by Etude House.

It's like a box of cotton buds, but it have a liquid inside the transparent tube. Just open the other end and the watery cleanser will damped the bottom side and put the upper side back on. Use the damped bud to clean only the mascara on the skin (eye bag area).

Then use the dry bud to dry the skin. The remover is so gentle but effective in removing a messy mascara. The shape of the bud also suitable for small area. But I wish the tip is a bit sharper, like some cotton bud I've seen where it is a bit more like triangle or cones.

This is the result after usage. 4 images of 360 degree view, where the liquid picks up the messy mascara but only a very few makeup base. So under the eyes after being cleaned still have my foundation and some powders left.

Now, I kept the buds inside my purse/bag all the time, even though I'm running about with a melting mascara, I can clean it anytime, anywhere. May be used to clean eyeliners as well.

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