Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revlon Double Twist Waterproof Mascara

Hi everyone,

this item is not new to the Revlon family, and has been lying around at my home for months and months. Looking at it I'm wondering why didn't I make a review out if it?! Well, here it is.

The Double Twist is a simple black waterproof mascara with red packaging and silver linings. The shape of the bottle also quite plain. But they have something that I found to be quite interesting.


The big brush.

It was the biggest one I have so far compared to all the mascara at home. There's tiny dots of reds on the brush and the brush itself is pretty hard. A bit sharp when touching the roots of the lashes. Not cutting sharp, just sharper than other brush which is like a brush. This one like made from rubber/plastic with rubber.

The blackness is enough for me and the liquid also suitable, not too creamy, and definitely not watery.

Here are the before after pics.

Instantly the lashes become longer and more vivid than before. I didn't use any lash curler, and the mascara didn't really add a curling action as well. The big brush able to grab the longer lashes and the rubbery material helps to hold on to the lashes, making sure they are separated well enough and coated by the mascara. However shorter lashes are a bit more tricky since the big brush is a bit too big for them.


On lower lashes the review remain the same, able to reach the longer lashes while the shorter on are left untouched.

The mascara supposed to be waterproof, it does but after sweating (like working out in a gym sweating) they will start to drop. Not smudge, just dots, black dots are falling apart under the eyes. But if you're daily activity is inside a well air conditioned building, which involves no sweats or humidity they will stay with you al day long.

Cleansing wise? A good cleansing oil will do the trick.

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