Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ZA Hey Cutie Lip Drops

Hey cutie!

Yes, it's a greetings to all of you and the same time the name of this particular item from ZA of Lip Drops series.


Details from www.za-cosmetics.com:

Drop Seal Formula gives the lips dewy finish without stickiness.
Collagen Complex provides long-lasting moisture and prevents dryness.


The lippie smells good, like a mixed of something berry and flowery. The color is wonderful and very cute. The lips felt an immediate smooth feeling and sensation but still considered sticky for me. A bit sticky on the lips although not so much compared when they are in touch with the hairs and it is rather inseparable.

The lips does feels the moisture and dewiness away from dry chapped condition.


This is the clear vision of the result of Hey Cutie, Lip Drops, so juicy and looks watery on the lips covering everything on top. May be used above lipstick as well for that gloss that only lip gloss can give.

The small tube is perfect to be tucked in almost everywhere. I know someone who only carry lip gloss during a night out, she tuck it in her bra and touch up almost every time for that irresistible sexy lips all night long, fuss free and she doesn't have to carry any purse and be a dancing queen.

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