Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunsilk Shampoo

About a week ago after joining the cause in Facebook page for Sunsilk, I received the sample of Sunsilk that enough to be used for 2 weeks.

Recently Sunsilk just launched their new selection that involved hair care experts from different parts of the world according to their specialties.

As I used Sunsilk before, I'm not really keen since for me their quality is so-so, but I can't complain since they are on budget-friendly price.

This is the product that was given for me ' reduce hair friction." Overall I found no negative nor positive side on using the product. The scent gone the minute I leave the shower and I found my hair is clean but for the straight effect I can say, I found no difference than other product for normal hair. Perhaps when I use all the products in their range it will show some significant effect.

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