Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On choosing your skincare line

After numerous questions asked about problematic skin such as acne, now I'm making this post so those can understand and I can just simply refer to this particular post.

It involve choosing the right skincare line, know your skin, know your problem, know how your skin will react for certain types of ingredients, allergy, reaction, defect, effectiveness and so on. Yes, the list can go on and on.

Not all of us are blessed with a perfect skin, the word normal itself not sufficient enough for the whole society, many of us that looking and eagerly searching for a cure.

Yesterday, a reader asking me whether she can have a cure for her acne, she said she's been using The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash and it make it worse. I asked her whether she use the whole range remained unanswered. What's the different? Well, you can not just say one product make it worst when you should have know it need all in the range, cleaning need toning afterward since it open the pores, then serum, moisturizer, medication and so on.

So never say a product is bad before you use it correctly.

People say I have a good skin, perhaps it is linked with how I know my skin, I know what to avoid and what to use. I know how to use the product and how it will benefit me. Some products do work well on me when some done. We all different and unique, so if you want to find a perfect skincare product for you, you have to know your skin first. Avoid pushy sales staff that eager to sell their products, find those who really care about you and your skin need. Trust me, it doesn't have to be expensive product.

I've use many affordable products that works out perfectly. It all depends on you. Yes, there will be a series of trial and error, but hey, you learn through a process, always try with a good reputable brand, again not necessarily expensive such as Nivea, brands that provide dermatologist info, test, and in their website or magazine, ad or anything where you can easily see their company profile and motto. A company that can represent your feeling towards their product.

Neutrogena also a brand that I trust, so does many Japanese brand since they kept looking on the best technology for an ingredients to be absorb and fully useful for our skin. Skin Inc, Fancl, Kose are among those, and still many more.

So far western brand like Lancaster and Lancome also have been proven their efficacy and quality. Korean brand for me they still have a long way to go, but names such as Laneige and Etude is pretty worthy to me.

But not all in their range are suitable for me, like I really like sleeping mask from Skin Inc but none from other brand, I like cleansing oil from Kose or IPSA, eye and lips waterproof makeup remover from L'Oreal, lipbalm from Neutrogena, Make a Difference from Origins, Vichy Thermal Water Spray, Belle De Jour mask, etc.

Some product you can actually mix and match and it still works out well, but some don't, you have to know the difference between them and pretty much on ingredients too. If they complement each other that's not a problem but when they weaken or works against each other or worse create a some kind of chemical reaction that bad for your face is a big no no.

I do have occasional acne problem like once a month and a dab of Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud of the spot eliminate my problem overnight. And since I'm aware of pigmentation hereditary, I use SPF and since I don't like how some sunblock feels heavy on top of everything I already used, I find a moisturizer, compact powder that have SPF protection in it. When I need more, let's say when I know I will be outdoor in a brazing sun for a period of time more than 2 hours I use an extra sunblock that contain higher protection like CMTP System by Medical Aesthetics that give me SPF 50, comes in a spray bottle and oil free.... ^o^ hooray for that!

Last but not least let say you use a reputable skincare range that theoretically suits you but still didn't see anything, it can be related to your gene, hormone, environment or diet. You can't change your genetic (yet), environment (possible but difficult), diet is the best way to help your skin dilemma. You can not expect by digesting the whole yard of junk food and expect a luminous complexion, you gotta have veggies, fruits, natural collagen, vitamins, minerals and energy. A pale looking skin from someone that didn't eat much also not pretty. Radiant showed in your skin is a part of your inner health.

Eat right, exercise right and sleep right first. Overal hygiene also plays a very important role in a beautiful looking skin.

  1. Know your skin type and what it need.
  2. Do the basic of 4 step, from cleansing, toner/softener, serum and moisturizer twice daily with the range according to your skin need and
  3. if needed use extra product to fight your problem, such as acne I use Ahava Pure Mud.
Hope it help you out and see you soon!

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