Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Corrective Serum in action

The above picture and data is from the official website.

This is the product that I got, a sample for one week that promise to deliver firmness in one week.

For me the packaging looks promising and exclusive.

I was told each use is 4 pump (but 2 pumps for normal 30 ml size).

My review:

From the first use I found my skin become smoother, softer and have this soft pearl glow. It easily absorbed by the skin but I have to say it works out better with other Shiseido product, so for the moisturizer it is better to use within the range or at least in the same brand. I found many other moisturizer becomes too rich and heavy on my skin, which usually not if I haven't use Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum.

The serum itself is easy to penetrate and leaves a powdery feminine scent that lingers on for quite a while. The creamy texture is common for product that create a firming effect like this one. One thing that I found as their uniqueness is the soft matte pearly glow that they create. It is a wonderful feeling to see my face in that way.

Suitable for daily use day and or night, depends on your skin need. So far it did help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores, or anything that cause the look to be imperfect. If you have a dull, tired, sagging and dry looking skin, you might want to try this serum.

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