Sunday, October 3, 2010

L'Oreal Excellence Creme - Pro Keratin

I just happily dyed my hair with my favorite brand to use at home, L'Oreal Excellence. I've tried many brands before such as Garnier, Revlon, Liese, and many more, but so far none have the uniqueness and quality such as L'Oreal. After use the hair feels thicker, richer in color and vibrant. The score I gave them always higher than other brand. I love how deep the color goes and perfect of you like dark color or a product that care more to the hair.

I choose Purple Brown this time since my previous color is going lighter and lighter and gives me an unhealthy look on my hair, so now I choose a darker shade with a purple touch. Do take notice that L'Oreal is now with pro-keratin which is beneficial to the hair strand.

Make sure you do read all the precaution, safety instruction, skin allergy test, and all things needed to prepare the process. For me I always use ugly old t-shirt, towel, used newspaper and all those to use on my body and surround me, to protect from unwanted coloring everywhere.

Near the hairline I use some lotion/vaseline/body butter or body cream so if the coloring products touch the area it can easily be clean and not stained here and there.

5 important stuff from protective Pre-Color serums, Gloves, hair coloring products (3 and 4 mixed together), and 5. Conditioner to be used after the hair coloring process. My product also comes with a comb for easier application.

I applied the pre-color serum on my hair strands that far away from the roots, especially on those ends. Christopher Robin, L'Oreal Paris Expert Colorist said," Always use the Protective Pre-Color Serum, which conditions lengths and dry-ends, intensely nourishes and guarantees an even result without a block-color effect."

After leaving the pre-color serum for about 5 minutes by reading the instruction, preparing my gloves and shower cap, now I'm ready for coloring my hair. Mixed Creme Developer and Creme Colorant that enriched with pro-keratin. Shake it before breaking the tip or change into comb applicator.

Please do make sure your hair is comb and tidy before using the coloring since it will help with easier application. Messy hair also ensure tangles and uneven distribution.

The creme is thick and no drip at all, I've been using L'Oreal hair color for more than 10 years and happy that they keep improving the product, from packaging, application, nourishment, and many more.

Since I'm using it all by myself, I can't help by messing my neck on the back side, I will use it better when I have eyes on my back. After making sure all the parts are secure with colors I use the shower cap on the back so the hair can develop color in time and my clothes and neck protected from further stain. Waiting for the color to be developed I clean my ears, neck and hairlines.

After about 40 minutes I use a bit of warm water to massage them thoroughly to dilute the colorant mixture, it also helps rinsing it better.

After rinsing until the water run clear, I use the conditioner, and put another shower cap on for 2 minutes. So the conditioner can work undisturbed while I clean my other part of my body.

The conditioner is smooth but stay away from the roots. It makes the hair soft and silky but makes roots oily. This one tube can last for 2-3 application depends on your hair length.

Actually I'm really lazy today and so not in the mood but before and after picture is still important to let you all see the result. My hair color is now darker, shinier, even out, looks healthier, thicker, and best of all I love it. ♥‿♥

When under the sun the purplish color will come out, but when indoor it look so dark, for me that's another bonus point.

Tips on after care:
Do not swim for the next 48 hours to a week, which I did before and use the shampoo for swimming to remove the chlorine and yep, all my hair color gone as well.

Using shampoo and hair product specifically for colored hair also help the color to stay in, vibrant and cared.


  1. I have just purchased loreal excellence creme for the first time..I am english but bought the product in spain and have been struggling to find instructions...till I found your blog so thankyou very much...I now understand what I am doing with the pro keratin step 1 ! I was dark brown but die to swimming alot in the sun, the beach etc my hair has faded and turned different shades of blonde!! I am little worried I have bought a very dark colourant ( 5.4 ) but I do not doubt for one minute knowing my hair in 2 weeks it would of faded alot...enjoyed reading this content thanks very much xxx

  2. Hi Tracey,
    really glad I can help ^_^ I still remember how I dyed my hair purple and so happy about it, the next day a friend of mine ask me to swim and the color all gone, i feel like crying, 5 hours in a beauty saloon went away vaguely.

  3. Hello,
    Great Review i was wondering what did you use to apply? Did you just use your gloves to apply or did you apply with using a paintbrush?

  4. Hi Angela :)

    I used my gloves and the plastic brush on top of the bottle for application. Spread them section by section, using 2 mirror which I put in front of me and one behind me, it's just a big mirror I have at home and another one from my wall (really heavy) and just try to get the widest view possible (not easy) so I made sure the back part evenly colored or at least try my best to do so ^___^

  5. I loved Tracey's comment!! I bought the product in Turkey and couldn't find English instructions until I found your blog! Thank you for helping all of the English-speaking, women expats around the world have pretty hair! :))


    1. Hi Anon :)

      Really glad I can help, I'm an expats as well and thank God I'm living in a country where English still widely use even thou not as first language ^__^

      Now I wish I put better picture of mine on the post >.< so many people looking at my naked face.

  6. hello po, can i ask po? how many days can u take a bath after applying the product? and ilang months ka naman pwedi maka apply ulit nyan? tnx.

  7. Hi Anon,

    I take a shower around 2-3 days and sorry, I couldn't understand the rest of the words, if you meant how many months the color stays, mine is around 3 months :)