Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bio Essence Bust Firming Boosting Cream

I've been having this product for quite sometime. The cream is thick, white pearly colour, fragrant (but not overwhelming) pretty easy to use and absorbed. But I don't see any significant effect after using it continuosly for weeks, now it is half full and I stopped using the product.

So far I have not experienced any discomfort, allergy or redness when using the product. The skin do become softer and smooth but for firming and boosting effect I can't say I experience it.
While using the product massaging is seems important and I do, I massage the area well until the cream is fully absorbed twice daily.

you have to use it until finished to see or feel a firming and boosting effect.


  1. it's that real i want try it but it have no effect i worry.if someone see this comment , give me advice should use or not

  2. Hi there,

    so far from my own personal experience I didn't feel or see the firming effect, all I can see and feel is the skin become softer but that's it. I didn't finished the whole tube since for me during application it took time and sometime I don't have the luxury of time. But each human have a different DNA so stuff that doesn't work for me perhaps may work on you . . .

    About you should use the product or not, sorry I can't help this time since I've been told exercise is the key to a firmer bust.


  3. how much was it?

  4. Hi Anon,

    Around 25 SGD if I'm not mistaken, I got it for free so I don't know the exact price ^____^ but it was below 30$ when I was in the store. They often have a promo / sale.