Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ahava - Dead Sea Mineral Mud

I've been using this product for almost 10 years now. I use it on the scalp like once a month to clean my scalp from all the oiliness and or sebum, my body from body acne or ache or for relaxation, and on my acne.

How to use:

On the scalp, not on the hair okay, dilute it with 20% of water. Apply directly on the scalp or sometime I mix it with my shampoo. Leave it for a while like 5 minutes and rinse it thoroughly. It gives my scalp a fresher feeling, less oily and clean.

On my body, after cleaning the body, I apply deliberately everywhere and sat on my dry bathtub, reading magazine and for 15 - 20 minutes, then rinse, I can repeat my shower foam again, after that my skin will feel so clean and it's feels like detoxing my skin. I do it like once every two weeks. I do not apply it on my neck, best part to put it on is on the back side of your body.

On my acne, every time acne comes, I just dab it on before I sleep on my face, I always use it after moisturizer, you can also use it 10 minutes before hitting the shower, the key is the minute you saw an acne is about to immerse, stop it with this mud. It will be gone in a jiffy. I don't recommend to use as a overall facial mask, Ahava have another product for that with less Mud concentration so it will not dry out your skin.

A must have in every household.

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