Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Starter Kit

I got this on my mail thanks to SG FreeBee, do join their Facebook page and don't forget to sign up too, they are always have a thing going on and you don't want to missed it.

So far their handling and posting fee is the lowest than any 'sample company' I know. They answer every inquiry fast and efficient.

This is the mini packet behind the brown wrappers. They are perfect for 3-5 days getaway ^0^

These are all the products from that mini bag, and my review:

Deep Moisturizing Cleansing Foam:
Doesn't really foam a lot but do clean up my daily sebum and dirt, leaves the skin clean without squeaky effect. I'm not recommending the product to clean waterproof makeup.

A light clear watery lotion to prepare the skin for moisturizing. It got a faint flowery scent and a refreshing effect.
Light Moisturizing Lotion:
A white lotion that got no scent, light but not very light, a bit sticky at first and takes more than 30 minutes to absorb.

Sleeping Mask:

The texture is like a mix between 75% of gel and 25% or cream, can't smell any scent. The minute it was spread to the skin it become watery and the skin is slippery. It does provide hydrating effect, but beside that I can't see any other effect. It absorb alright but still feel a bit sticky, my suggestion is to use just a very thin layer.

Moisturizing Cream:

White and creamy, but still have like gel texture. Definitely thicker from the rest of the products in the range. I think it is suitable for going on a winter holiday where it is dry and you need more protection from drying skin.

Deep Moisturizing Dew Cream:

The texture is not like a cream at all, it's a gel. A light blue clear gel. For me it is perfect to use during summer break holiday where I stay on the beach all day long and getting sunburn here and there.

I will make another post regarding the BB Cream with a before and after picture, so...see ya!

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