Friday, October 8, 2010

HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z

Last night, thanks to Cleo, I got an invitation to watch the launch of not just one but 2 HTC additions.

The placed is secluded (for me) and I would definitely grateful if they handed me one of the newly launch product to locate the place.

Inside the goodies bag there some pamphlets and cards to sum up their newest products. Please do click on each image you feel like seeing it bigger.

There's so many about them that interesting and new. It's like taking a phone to a whole new level.

The first thing that caught my eyes are how wide the screen is and it's HD too.

This is their motto, HTC quietly brilliant.............and I kinda agree.....kinda in a terms of I haven't use the product.

Still not the product...

This is Mr.Wayne Tang, Product Marketing.

Some of his presentation that I try to grasp, because it really got so many info from how fast it is, handy, practical, comfortable, quick and ......... how make 'sense' HTC is .........with zero data roaming, zero wait, zero dead spots, and yes, still many more.

So how much are these quietly brilliant products cost?

and coming to you this November.

After the presentation and lucky draw giveaway, they asking us to join on a ride so we can experience the navigation system and how wonderful it is....unfortunately, under my unforeseen condition I need to go back home and missed all the fun.

But I'm not going home empty handed, I'm going home with a new view of how spectacular HTC HD and HTC Desire Z is. Especially, with each alphabetical key I can assigns to different function for a quick personalize needs is something I look up for with all the wonderful technology that perfect for working, traveling and entertaining.

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