Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lancome Debenhams Senayan City New Counter

Hi Gorgeous people!!! It's Saturday and I'm at home waiting for my hubby's flight back home from Japan, and he brought me many many things ^___^ I know, normally I didn't share my personal life much, it's just lately with all of your support, through comments, emails, etc, I'm getting to know all of you much better. So, don't be shy, comment, email or chat with me through my FB page or anything, I'm open for consultation and just about anything related to beauty products.

Okay, yesterday Lancome kindly invited me and some other bloggers to see their newest addition of their makeup collection.
So far Lancome always have a very good reputation in terms of skincare, makeup and fragrance too, and I must say they are planning to get better and better by the day. Unstoppable innovation and delivering result in our daily life.

Introducing Maqui Miracle Blanc, the most Healthy Natural Finish Foundation that reflects your inner light with Pristine Brightness for all day long. Long wearing, shine control & High UV Protection.

Do click for larger view.

And these are the details for the compact:

I must say the softness of the powder is a delight.

This is the casing, white sophisticated and beautiful, btw, do you know why the casing itself cost Rp.200.000? Apparently it was made with high quality ingredients, designs and for our comfort. The mirror are wide, big, and specifically made for beauty use that promote larger and clearer view. Everything was made carefully for us to use it. And from what I know, these glass are treated differently so they won't easily break, smudge and dirty.

Have you paid attention to the SPF properties on each picture of the product? The compact have SPF 35/PA+++ that's among the highest of all other.

Ms. Ronne, Education Manager of Lancome, explaining us on the product which carries more powder than Teint Miracle. Last 12 hours, less touch up, ultra fine powders for a poreless-smooth finish, included with luxurious duo sided sponge helps to create ideal coverage where the softer side for softer finish and touch up. And Mineral rich formula for sensitive skin.

But Maqui wasn't alone, they came with L'Absolu Creme De Brillance (Rp. 270.000)

Kate Winslet luscious lips with L'Absolu Creme De Brillance.

The creme is feels soft, thick, it's like a liquid lipstick!

The applicator is perfect like usual and the color is vivid.

Look at the color, it's not just gloss, it's pure color. Available in 10 shades, you'll find that perfect one for you.

Then we are on a tour at the newest counter that won best designs ^__^ it's a grandeur of Lancome's skincare collection. 

Makeup Collection.


Absolue Corner.

Special for the VIP customers where they can be pampered. Life is good up there.

No worries, anyone who's not 'up there' can still have a free 2-5 minutes Aura Treatment service that consist of:

Touch ups with Genifique, BB Base, Teint Miracle/ Maqui Miracle, Maqui Compact, Loose Powder, Blush On, Lippy, and Spritz of perfume of your choice. It's a perfect place for anyone who's on a lunch break or about to go to a party/event right after work, where touch up is all they need. Available in all major Lancome's counter.

But at Senayan City until tomorrow they have a special podium near the atrium for Aura Treatment, so don't forget to come y'all!

My choice of the day: Miracle.

Me with the wonderful staff at Lancome that freshen' up my look. Love the rosy cheeks she gave me and pucker up with lighter shade.

Ms. Irma and the bloggers ^___^

Don't forget to visit Lancome and for every Rp. 1.500.000 purchase entitled you for a pack of wonderful goodies FREE from Lancome.

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